“No Human Being Is Illegal”Readers Response

“No Human Being Is Illegal”

The author, Mae M. Ngai, is a professor of history at the University of Chicago. She specializes in the immigration studies. Her main claim in “No Human Being Is Illegal” is that she wants to point out how immigrants are important and are a part of the United States. Ngai pulls reasons out of Bonnie Honig’s argument to help support her main claim. throughout the essay, Ngai explains different terms such as ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘illegal alien’ to help support how Americans are not including them into the rights they should have. She explains some history of immigrants and how it plays out in todays political arguments.

I thought that Ngai’s “No Human Being Is Illegal” was written well because of all of the facts and definitions she used but I do not agree with her at all. The piece did make me think, but not enough to the point where I would change my mind to agree with her. I do not think illegal immigrants are helpful in the United States in the long run. I think they take more than they give. They hold job position, cost more money to the citizens and it would be cheaper if there were a strict law on immigrants.

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Amber Heckman

Professor Sheehan

English 102 February 2nd, 2011


1.) http://www.npr.org/sections/science/

          The first publication I chose is the website for the National Public Radio, www.npr.org. The website has world news. One can find news about the United States, the world, politics, health, sports, and much more. It is a large website that has a lot of different links where one can find what they are interested in such as music, art, or news. This website is a primarily web-based website.

          I chose this publication because it has everything I am interested in and more.the website makes it easy for someone to find one specific thing they are looking for. I like to read about the new things in science and this website give all the science news in one link. Also this website has world news and politics which always interests me. I think I will enjoy reading from this publication.


           The next publication is www.sciencedaily.com. This www.sciencedaily.com is a primarily print website. It has everything to do with any type of science. One can find everything on the website such as articles on the brain, animals, computers, health, and many more. Everyday new articles are added to the website.

          I chose www.sciencedaily.com because it is all about science. I can go onto the website and see the news on a specific topic in the science field, such as any matter and energy, what I plan on studying for a living. The articles are even easy to read and understand for being a science based website. I have used many articles in the past because I enjoy reading about new things in science.


     The last publication I chose is www.sciencenews.org. It is a primarily print website. Like the other publication, it is a website all about science. On this website you can find topics that are smaller such as atoms and molecules to topics such as life and the world. It has not only articles, but blogs and columns.

          I chose this last publication because it focuses on the studies of science. Also there is post from experts in the science field. Science is one of my most favorite topics and this website breaks everything down so I can learn more about it. On this website I can find certain things about what interests me the most like atoms and molecules. This will help a lot because I hope one day I can become a chemist and find new elements or information about the molecules.

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“The Best Dollar You Will Ever Spend”

Amber Heckman

Professor Sheehan

English 102

January 26th, 2010

          Chemistry is one subject that I would consider myself to be an expert in. Chemistry came very easily to me during my sophomore year of high school. This lead to me wanting to learn more about the subject and field. In high school, I took every Chemistry class that fit my schedule.  By the time I graduated, I had completed General Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and AP Chemistry. I am now going to college to take more Chemistry courses, hoping one day I can be a chemist.

          Photography is the one field I am most interested in. Ever since I was in the seventh grade I wanted to work in a studio. I love taking picture and experimenting with all the different features a camera has. I would love to go to school to become a photographer, but there is more money in the field of Chemistry. I plan on taking photography courses after I start my career in Chemistry and do photography as a side job. I love photography and would like to learn a lot more about it so I can be the best that I can be.

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